TRANSACT participates in the biggest Polish event focused on maritime industry safety and security.

During the keynote speech “Map of cyber risks in maritime domain in the context of wireless systems cyberattacks threats” opening the 5th Maritime Industry Safety Forum (Gdansk, Poland), TRANSACT project was present. The consortium representative, Prof. Lukasz Kulas, presented the key safety and security threats in maritime domain linked with the use of wireless systems as well as information about the TRANSACT solutions developed for maritime domain that can address them. It was also shown how the TRANSACT project outcomes can be used to increase security and safety in future digitized and interconnected maritime systems, especially those in the offshore industry – e.g. platforms, energy substations and wind farms or underwater cables and pipelines.

The presentation audience was 280 participants, including board members and directors from many maritime and offshore companies – in total of 120 Polish entities. The Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) “Hornet” being developed as one of TRANSACT demonstrators gained a lot of interest.  In follow-up meetings with two big players from the Polish offshore industry we proposed the use of the “Hornet” USV as a universal testing platform integrated with TRANSACT safety-oriented edge-cloud architecture in future offshore applications. Further, we discussed the next steps in the process of setting legal conditions regulating the future operation of such USVs in the maritime domain. 

Standardization – especially in the maritime domain – is a slow process. With active engagement in events like this and bringing TRANSACT results to the table, we try to contribute to this process – step by step.

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