Yes, we’re open!

TRANSACT is committed to the values of open source and understands open source as a means for sustainability and exploitation. 

The project applies various open source technologies and several project partners are leaders and/or active contributors to open source projects and communities.

The TRANSACT Horizontal Demonstrator is publicly available at Eclipse Research Labs as a fully open-source experimentation environment for TRANSACT solutions.

Open Source Projects

TRANSACT is involved in the following open source projects:

Eclipse POOSL

Eclipse POOSL (Parallel Object-Oriented Specification Language) combines modeling with analysis to make architecture decisions on complex hardware and software systems. Because POOSL also incorporates stochastics, it can model cloud behavior and predict stochastic timing behavior and cloud resource usage. In TRANSACT, POOSL is applied to investigate the benefits of moving certain functionalities from the edge to the cloud, especially in the healthcare domain.

Eclipse OpenCert

Eclipse OpenCert is an integrated and holistic solution for assurance and certification management of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) spanning the largest safety and security-critical industrial markets, such as aerospace, space, railway, manufacturing, energy and health. In TRANSACT, OpenCert is used to tackle the challenge of software re-certification when delivering (OTA-)updates in safety-critical applications.


Toit is a modern high-level language designed specifically for microcontrollers. Toit is optimised for live reloading on your microcontroller. Your code runs incrementally as you write it and you get instant feedback. Push changes over your local WiFi in two seconds and reserve your USB cable for charging your phone. You iterate quickly, learn fast, and build better things. Within TRANSACT, the Toit platform is extended by wireless mesh communication. Currently, devices communicate via the cloud, but the developed wireless communication solution will enable edge communication without involving the cloud.