On June 18-19 2024 we concluded the TRANSACT project with a very successful final review! During both days the main achievements from the Work Packages and Use Cases have been presented to the KDT Project Officer and the 2 expert reviewers.

In particular the Use Cases have been presented in depth, including many videos and/or interactive demos, which helped a lot in conveying our results and plans for exploitation. Dedicated presentations have been included to present our efforts regarding dissemination, new business models and the transition guide. To close it off, three SMEs presented how they have leveraged their participation in the project and how it has helped them to move forward.

All results such as public deliverables, scientific publications and links to related open source projects can be found on this website.

Partners will carry on their work towards safe and secure cyber-physical systems in other projects, in their businesses and academic research. We believe that TRANSACT was able to make serious impact on the transition from localised standalone cyber-physical systems into safe and secure distributed solutions.


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