Gdansk University of Technology participated in the biggest offshore industry event in Poland: EduOffshoreWind 2023.

The event focuses on building business potential in booming offshore industry, particulary in products and services supporting the operations of offshore wind farms, as well as in education. One of the key event highlights was “Hornet” – an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) relying on TRANSACT safety-oriented edge-cloud architecture, NAVTOR world-class secure navigation solutions and GdanskTech reliable wireless communication resistant to jamming attacks.

In the event, over 70 exhibitors, including developers, investors, research and education as well as service and product providers,  presented their solutions to more than 4800 attendees. Both “Hornet” and TRANSACT got a huge interest and stimulated many bilateral meetings. After a series of follow-up meetings, the largest independent company in Poland providing offshore services signed a letter of intent with Gdansk Tech to engage, as a potential end-user, in project developments. This is a huge success! Additionally, the company is dedicated to support activities focused on community building and setting legal regulations allowing for the future operations of such TRANSACT-based USVs for offshore industry. 

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