TRANSACT Reference Architecture

TRANSACT Reference Architecture

The TRANSACT three-tier architecture concept is based on a computing continuum that spans from the CPS device, through the edge, to the cloud. It brings together CPS end devices at the edge of the network, with edge computing servers and cloud computing facilities, hosting multiple mixed-criticality applications.

A key element of the TRANSACT concept is that both these off-device tiers (edge and cloud) are multi-application, multi-device, possibly multi-tenant, scalable and interoperable, and not in the least, safe and secure. Applications can be flexibly deployed over this distributed architecture. Novel services and applications can share edge and cloud infrastructures, re-use domain services, and in general be faster developed, tested, and released independently from the safety-critical device itself. This newly distributed architecture concept will enable radically new business models by transforming system manufacturers into solution providers.

Key Challenges

We identified four key challenges that guide the development of the TRANSACT distributed solution architecture, framework and transition methodology.

Key challenge 1

Transforming CPS architecture from monoliths to distributed solutions.

key challenge 2

Ensuring CPS performance in the device-edge-cloud-continuum.

key challenge 3

Ensuring CPS security and privacy in the device-egde-cloud-continuum.

key challenge 4

Devising business models for CPS deployed in the device-edge-cloud-continuum.

Market trends show advanced usage of safety-critical systems with novel services based on smart data analytics. Customers require continuous updates to applications and services and seek lower cost (Bill-of-Material, BoM) and easy to install solutions (maintenance) for safety-critical cyber-physical systems (CPS). To respond to these trends, TRANSACT will leverage edge and cloud technologies and establish business partner eco-systems to enhance safety-critical systems in regulated environments. TRANSACT will transform local safety critical CPS into distributed safety-critical CPS solutions with a heterogeneous architecture composed of components along a device-edge-cloud continuum. The distributed solutions incorporating data and cloud services will simplify the CPS devices, reducing their software footprint, and consequently their BoM and Lower of Cost or Market. Business-wise, system manufacturers thus transform to solution providers. To that end TRANSACT will research distributed reference architectures for safety-critical CPS that rely on edge and cloud computing.

These architectures shall enable seamless mixing of on-device, edge and cloud services while assuring flexible yet safe and secure deployment of new applications, and independent releasing of edge and cloud-based components vs. on-device.

Moreover, safety, performance, cybersecurity and privacy of data will be kept on the same level as on-device only safety critical CPS architectures. By also integrating AI services into distributed CPS, TRANSACT will enable fast development of innovative value-based services and business models leading to faster market introduction in the various multi-billion euro markets addressed by TRANSACT.


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