The safety-critical systems can have the potential to pose significant risks to human life (injuries or […]
Being aware of the risks provides companies with a balanced framework for Governance, Risk and Compliance. […]
TRANSACT participates in the biggest Polish event focused on maritime industry safety and security. During the keynote […]
In recent times, communication-enabled computing functionality based on sensor technology has emerged as the key aspect […]
The team of Gdansk University of Technology introduced one of the maritime domain demonstrators that will […]
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Connecting safety-critical systems to the cloud Rapid innovation and incorporating AI driven functionality are just two […]
From isolation to the compute continuum We live surrounded by safety-critical cyber-physical systems, even when we […]
Today’s vehicles are local and isolated data silos. This use case aims to break up these […]
A public transportation network in any city is always full of compromises in terms of coverage, […]