Scientific Publications

Conference Papers

Iván Alfonso, Kelly Garcés, Harold Castro and Jordi Cabot, “Modeling Self-Adaptative IoT Architectures“, SAM2021: System Analysis and Modelling: Agility and DevOps.

H. Brunner, M. Stocker, M. Schuh, M. Schuß, C.A. Boano, and K. Römer, “Understanding and Mitigating the Impact of Wi-Fi 6E Interference on Ultra-Wideband Communications and Ranging“, 21st International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN).

Joan Giner-Miguelez, Abel Gómez, Jordi Cabot, “Enabling Content Management Systems as an Information Source in Model-driven Projects“, 16th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science.

Dogan Altan, Mohammad Etemad, Dusica Marijan, Tetyana Kholodna, “Discovering Gateway Ports in Maritime Using Temporal Graph Neural Network Port Classification“, 35th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Canadian AI 2022).

Journal Papers

Robert Clarisó, Jordi Cabot, “User-driven diverse scenario exploration in model finders“ in Science of Computer Programming, Elsevier.

Iván Alfonso, Kelly Garcés, Harold Castro and Jordi Cabot, “Self-adaptive architectures in IoT systems: a systematic literature review”, in Journal of Internet Services and Applications.

Books and Book Chapters

“Reference Architectures for Automotive Software“ in E. K Nakagawa, P. O. Antonino, “Reference Architectures for Critical Domains: Industrial Uses and Impacts”, Springer, to appear.

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