Throughout the last 8 months a European consortium of 30 partners from the Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Poland, Austria, Norway, Spain, Belgium, and Denmark has been working on setting up the foundation of the TRANSACT initiative, an ECSEL Joint Undertaking funded by the European Union’s H2020 Framework Programme.

We are on the pathway of digital transformation, however safety-critical applications are still deployed as standalone systems because it’s the only way to ensure system’s safety, security and performance simultaneously. TRANSACT will extend the existing edge/cloud technologies in order to support safety critical applications and will enable a transition from standalone systems to an ecosystem of digital propositions.

Following up a successful project kick-off organized in June 2021, a team of more than 130 participants from large companies, SMEs, research institutes, and universities, worked on the conceptual elements that will drive the development of the envisioned distributed solution and that will be demonstrated through real-world use cases in five relevant business areas:

  • Remote operation of autonomous vehicles for navigating in urban environments
  • Critical maritime decision support enhanced by distributed, AI enhanced edge and cloud solutions
  • Cloud-featured battery management systems for electric vehicles
  • Edge-cloud-based clinical applications platform for image guided therapy and diagnostic imaging systems
  • Critical wastewater treatment decision support enhanced by distributed, AI enhanced edge and cloud solutions

During this initial phase we collected the input from the identified use cases in respect to the current state of the art, we analyzed the current architectures, identified the use case scenarios and the most suitable workflows that will benefit from edge/cloud technologies. Furthermore, we identified the high-level end user requirements, functional/non-functional specifications and the most suitable edge/cloud platforms the will adopted for the envisioned solutions.  

In one of the core workstreams of the project we focused on tensions between safety/performance and security/privacy and identified the most relevant concepts that will guide the development of functionalities to monitor, predict and manage end-to-end safety, performance, security and privacy of the distributed applications.

Finally, we made an initial inventory of the current challenges with respect to continuous development and independent releasing for the project domains, as well as the integration of AI based service into distributed safety-critical CPSs. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and register for our Newsletter for further information about the project.


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